Troy’s patented suppressor technology is best in class in terms of sound suppression, reliability, accuracy, muzzle signature and pressure moderation. The Troy Patrol Rifle Suppressor (TPRS) is state of the art and unrivaled. The Troy Patrol Rifle and Troy sound suppressors are available for direct sale to your agency. In recent testing our suppressor measured a 27-decibel reduction out of a supersonic 5.56 cartridge. The nearest competing company measured a 21-decibel reduction in our test. Our silencer is the quietest duty-rated can in production. Additionally, our 11.5 TPR is tuned so that the operator experiences almost no gas blown back to the face while using our silencer. The TPR 14.5 inch now comes standard to be suppressor ready. The flash hider that is welded to the barrel of the 14.5 is ready to accept our revolutionary suppressors.

TPR Suppressor



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