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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the Troy Professional Grade Receiver Sling Adapter allow you to utilize all of the locking positions on the collapsible stock?

    The Troy PGRSA will cause you to lose functionality of the last position closest to the receiver on your collapsible stock.

  • Are the Troy .308 BattleRails compatible with the RRA LAR-8?

    Currently Troy .308 BattleRails are not compatible with the RRA LAR-8 due to a proprietary thread pitch in use by RRA.

  • Can the Troy BattleSights be used with a fixed front sight?

    All Troy Rear BattleSights (excluding micros) will co-witness with the standard fixed front sight on the AR-15 ,even “F” marked

  • Can Troy BattleSights be mounted anywhere on my rifle?

    No, both the front and rear sight need to be mounted on the same height rail as one another.

  • If I switch between my large and small aperture will I need to re-zero the rifle?

    All Troy sights are same plane aperture sights. Flipping between small and large aperture will not change/affect zero.

  • I have an optic that I would like to co-witness with my Troy BattleSights, will they work together?

    Troy BattleSights will co-witness with most optics on the market manufactured for the AR-15 rifle system. Should you have an optic not built specifically for the AR-15 or do not have any information on the product Troy BattleSights are 1.38” from top rail to center aperture. Troy Micro BattleSights are 1.16” from top rail to center aperture.

  • How low profile are Troy BattleSights?

    All Troy sights fold down to a .460” profile above rail.

  • Which rail sections will work on my Alpha Rail?

    Any QARS rail sections.

  • Are there any gas piston conversion kits that are compatible with Troy handguards.

    Due to the large number of gas piston systems in the market, we do not have any data on which will fit with our handguards, you should consult the manufacturer of the piston system for more information.

  • What torque do I use for mounting a TROY rail/sight?

    For a TROY rail 8-10 Ft. Lbs. / TROY Sight 25 Inch Lbs. (a drop of blue Loctite is recommended.)

  • Why is my TROY Tritium sights not so bright?

    TROY crafted the Troy Tritium Sights for low-light conditions, ensuring a subtle glow. This design allows for swift target acquisition without impaction pupil dilation. The intentionally subdues brightness aligns with the needs of Military and Law Enforcement users relying on Night Vision technology, making these sights well-suited for their requirements.