Any time, any place, any enemy, you can Trust TROY™, the First Choice of Special Ops, Law Enforcement and War Fighters worldwide.


Stephen Troy, Jr. is a retired Massachusetts State Trooper, a retired member of the Air Force and a successful entrepreneur.  His commitment to service and a passion for designing high performance weapons have propelled his law enforcement, military and business career.

As a young man Steve was highly motivated and drawn to public service earning his Eagle Scout award, becoming a member of the Civil Air Patrol, enrolling as a Police Explorer and became a martial arts expert.  Troy’s military experience began in 1987 when he joined the Connecticut Air National Guard and he later transferred to the US Air Force Reserve.

Early in his military role Steve began serious exploration of what would become a lifelong passion – the expert use and development of small arms. TROY took advantage of every opportunity to train and earned certification in weapons ranging from the M-16 rifle to the M-60 machine gun. During his military career Troy’s been called to active duty twice, has served in the Middle East and extended his training in small arms development and counter-terrorism.  Steve began his law enforcement career in 1988 and served as a Massachusetts State Trooper from 1999 to 2011.  With his expertise in small arms design, Steve became a highly sought after consultant. In 2003, he formed his own company, Troy Industries, with a goal of designing and manufacturing top quality small arms components and accessories.

With an unrelenting focus on quality and innovation, TROY has enjoyed phenomenal growth.  Acceptance of TROY products by combat soldiers and law enforcement personnel, including Troy’s flagship product, Folding BattleSights, earned a solid reputation for exemplary quality and performance. Other TROY products, including rails, slings and full weapon upgrades are widely recognized as top quality weapon enhancements.

Iconic firearms manufacturers such as Smith & Wesson, Sturm Ruger & Company and LaRue Tactical took notice and began incorporating TROY products into their new weapons. Today, TROY is one of America’s largest suppliers of OEM small arms accessories, with a wide ranging and highly satisfied customer base of military and law enforcement personnel.

Building upon the success of TROY limited edition CAR 14 rifle and years of BattleProven accessories, TROY Industries proudly debuted TROY, the firearms division in 2012.  Geared towards special operations, law enforcement specialists and the discerning shooter, Troy Defense offers technologically advanced and professionally constructed firearms and tactical upgrades that previously were only available to select military and law enforcement agencies.

What started as a small family-run business has grown significantly. Steve has stayed involved in the day-to-day business operation and enjoys the challenge of managing a company with a seemingly unlimited potential for growth. He believes that by staying focused on the company’s original commitment to quality and innovation, all TROY Divisions will continue to thrive.



TROY is known worldwide as the foremost specialist in reliable, innovative, top-quality small arms components, accessories and complete weapon upgrades.  TROY firearms and platforms are produced to the same, stringent specifications all TROY products are held to.