The TROY Stasis is a 2.26” centerline mount compatible with all optics that share the Aimpoint® Micro footprint.


The TROY Stasis is designed around the modern shooting “stance”. An upright head position allows you to engage targets rapidly with greater situational awareness. The 2.26” optic height will prevent you from compressing onto your firearm when engaging targets, clearing up your tunnel vision so you can drive from one target to the next.

The Stasis is a sleek mount developed for the speed and reaction time necessary in close-in gunfighting. A full-length clamp and two precision machined cross-bolts lock the mount to your rail and are inset so the mount is slick with no protrusions.


Weighing in at only 3.24oz, the Stasis is one of the lightest skyscraper mounts on the market. A window co-witnesses your BUIS under your optic, eliminating the need to deploy folded back-up irons, roll your rifle to offset sights, or fumble with bulky QD systems in the event of electronic optic failure.

The Stasis is machined from American-sourced 6061-T6 aluminum and built on TROY’s 20-year history of rock-solid reliability. Each unit is machined to exacting standards in Clarksville, TN.

The Stasis sets your optic at the perfect height for use with helmet-mounted night optical devices, gas masks, or face shields.

When mounting the Stasis, set torque to 65 in/lbs. for ideal rail lock-up

Additional information

Weight 0.20 lbs


Stasis 2.26″ T1 Mount



Customers must read Compliance Information before purchasing.


  • 2.26"

  • Lightweight - 3.24oz

  • Co-Witnesses with BUIS

  • Slick with no protrusions

  • Ideal for upright head position shooting style

  • American Sourced American Made


  • Material Hardened aircraft aluminum

  • Finish Mil-spec hardcoat anodized