You can’t afford to stand around and wait for your eyes to recover from a bright muzzle flash and you definitely can’t afford to become an easy target. The Troy Medieval™ Flash Suppressor instantly eliminates flash to maintain focus with enlarged light slots that effectively disperse flash. The aggressive diamond-shaped teeth can serve as a breaching device designed for close quarter battle.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs

Medieval Flash Suppressor 7.62 5/8-24




  • Threaded for all M16/AR15/M4 rifles and carbines

  • Eliminates flash to maintain focus

  • Disperses flash with enlarged light slots

  • 6.8/7.62 (5/8 x 24 TPI) 2.25" OAL

  • Fits M14/M1A including SOCOM-16. 3.25" OAL


  • Material/Finish Heat-treated ordnance steel construction