TROY 2017 New Products


LOW-PROFILE HANDGUARDS. Our new, BattleRails are incredibly lightweight in an ultra-low profile, snag-free design, making them exceptional for close quarters situations. The M-LOK® rails are light and sleek, machined from hardened aircraft aluminum with stainless steel components and finished in MIL-SPEC hardcoat anodizing, . Easy to install and mount accessories.

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New SOCC Charging Handles™

The TROY SOCC Line of charging handles latches are constructed from hardened steel for durability and reliability. Stem is dry film lubbed for ease of use and cleaning.  Available in both Ambidextrous/Enhanced and standard versions.

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New SOCC Safety Selectors

AMBI AND STANDARD MODELS AVAILABLE. Like past TROY Safety Selectors the TROY SOCC line is manufactured without screws or threading that could come loose or strip, utilizing stainless steel detent plungers to lock levers into place. The lower profile levers provide quick fire selection especially with firearms equipped with PDW style stocks.  Constructed of rugged machined billet tool steel.

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TROY SOCC Low Profile Folding BattleSights™

TROY’s new folding sights are 45% lower profile than our famous folding BattleSights. TROY sights provide a continuous zero and are positioned at exact factory height. The front folding sight allows for quick and easy elevation adjustments, no tools needed. Machined from hardened aircraft aluminum and MIL-SPEC hardcoat anodized.

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TROY has teamed up with Gun Pro to offer their Delta 1 Sights® on our popular 45 Degree Offset Battle Sights. Gun Pro’s Delta 1 Sight posts offer a simple single-point sight alignment that requires little or no visual and mental estimation delivering a lightning fast, precise sight alignment. Designed with the 3-gunner in mind, Delta 1 Sights offer a faster and more natural target acquisition when transitioning from rifle to pistol (when equipped on both firearms).

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New Firearms for 2017

TROY SOCC Firearms

TROY’s line of SOCC (Special Operations Compatible Carbine) firearms and upgrades are designed to be lightweight and ultra-low profile; developed specifically for today’s war fighters and led by Special Operations field requirements.

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Prior to adopting the M4 the USAF upgraded and modernized their GAU/5/As and GAU-5/A/As for the M855 ammo.  The TROY USAF GUU-5/P pays homage to the GUU-5/Ps with this affordable package. This Rifle features a TROY slick-side upper receiver with a carrying handle and alpha-style front sight.


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TROY Piston Rifles

TROY’s new line of rifles feature a piston replacement of the traditional gas impingement system. The action of a piston rifle remains cool and clean, and avoids fouling the bolt with gas from repeated firing. The bolt carrier can be removed immediately and held in your hand without burning yourself.

10.5″ CQB Variant SKU: SRIF-SPC-10BT-00
14.5″ CARBINE Variant SKU: SRIF-SPC-14BT-00
16″ RIFLE Variant SKU: SRIF-SPC-16BT-00

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TROY’s CQB- Optic Ready Rifle ships without sights to allow you to add your own optics. The rifle is dressed with TROY’s BattleAx™ Control grip and M4 Style 6-position stock with TROY markings and features a forged lower receiver, M4A4 type flat top forged upper receiver, M4 feed ramps, and TROY Enhanced Trigger Guard. Finished in hardcoat anodizing. Available in black only.

Black SKU : SCAR-MA4-16BT-01

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TROY Pump Action Rifle Update in 2017

Starting early in 2017 all variants of TROY’s Pump Action Rifles will sport a new, ergonomic pump grip. The new clamping grip attachment system allows for smoother action and even greater reliability on the range or in the field.
Patent Pending.

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