TROY 2018 New Products


Our new SOCC BattleRails in .308 are incredibly lightweight with an ultra-low profile, snag-free design, making them exceptional for close quarters situations. The TROY M-LOK® rails are light and sleek, machined from hardened aircraft aluminum with stainless steel components and finished in MIL-SPEC hardcoat anodizing. Easy to install and mount accessories for the perfect custom build.

10″ Variant SKU: SRAI-SR3-10BT-00
13.9″ Variant SKU: SRAI-SR3-13BT-00

New SOCC® UNI-AXIS Ambi Charging Handle

The TROY SOCC Uni-Axis Ambidextrous Charging Handle was designed to prevent gas and oil from blowing back into the shooter’s face, especially when shooting suppressed or with sub-sonic ammo. The extended latches move independently providing fluid, fast ease-of-use and are constructed from hardened steel for durability and reliability. Patent Pending.


New TROY SOCC® Safety Selectors

Constructed of rugged, machined billet tool steel, the canted angle of the SOCC Safety Selector provides increased accessibility, more controllability and greater safety, especially with firearms equipped with PDW style stocks.


New SOCC® M4A1, 5.56




Now in M-LOK, TROY’s Delta BattleRails install easily without the removal of the delta ring, barrel nut or fixed front sight. Rail mounted lights set flush with the front sight and two built-in QD swivel mounts provide easy sling attachment.

Delta Carbine M-LOK
Delta Mid-Length Carbine M-LOK


A platform that suits your needs; mount a full array of M-LOK accessories to the new TROY M-LOK Modular Rail.  Also available for individual purchase, new modular rail sections that mount at the 12 o’clock of this BattleRail and provide 3” or 5” of Picatinny attachment.

TROY Modular M-LOK Rails
7.2″ Variant SKU: SRAI-MD1-70BT-00
9″ Variant SKU: SRAI-MD1-90BT-00
11″ Variant SKU: SRAI-MD1-11BT-00
13″ Variant SKU: SRAI-MD1-13BT-00

TROY Modular Top Rail Sections
3″ Variant SKU: SRAI-MD1-30BT-00
5″ Variant SKU: SRAI-MD1-50BT-00


These patented rail inserts are composed of proprietary advanced rubber, making them heat resistant and extremely durable. They insert directly into the cooling holes and may be cut to form any length or inserted end to end for longer lengths. Various colors available.

M-LOK Squid Grips 7-Pack BLK
M-LOK Squid Grips 7-Pack FDE
M-LOK Squid Grips 7-Pack TAN
M-LOK Squid Grips 7-Pack ODG


New TROY Firearms for 2018

TROY Side Action Sporting Rifles

The TROY Side Action Sporting Rifle (SASR) was developed for precision-based shooting in a rugged, reliable, light-weight (5.5 lbs in 14.7”), 50-State Legal package, ideal for hunting and target shooting.  The billet machined stock folds to a 24.5” OAL in 14.7” (26” w/16”) making it perfect for backpack or cross body wear.  The side charge handle with Target Knob can also be positioned left or right for fast follow-up shots for all left and right-handed shooters.
14.7″ Variant SKU: SSAR-P23-14BT-00
16″ Variant SKU: SSAR-P23-16BT-00

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TROY M16A2 Transitional Carbine

The TROY M16A2 Transitional Carbine with carry handle upper, forward assist and shell deflector follows the TROY SFOD-D but weighs in half-pound lighter with the use of a 14.7” Chrome Vandium Pencil Barrel (CB) that is pinned and welded for a 16.1” overall length.


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TROY Pump Action Rifle A2

The newest member of the TROY 50-State Legal PAR family features an A2 Fixed Stock and full TRX2 style top-rail with integrated pump action that affords supreme accuracy in a practically recoilless system. Available in .223 or .308 in Black and Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass Blades Pattern.

18″ .223 Black
SKU: SPAR-P23-18BT-00
18″ .223 Mossy Oak
SKU: SPAR-P23-18MT-01

18″ .308 Black
SKU: SPAR-P38-18BT-01
18″ .308 Mossy Oak
SKU: SPAR-P38-18MT-01

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TROY XM177 Pistol

The TROY XM177 pistol with Tailhook MOD1 pistol brace combines the best in retro-styling featuring  the classic forged upper with tear drop forward assist, carbine handguard, A1 front and A1 drum rear sights. This non-NFA, 5.56 semi-auto pistol has a 10.5” stainless barrel with A2 flash hider, and weighs just 4.8 pounds.


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